One of the most common questions I get asked is, “how’s the market?” Well here is a a general report of the 2019 market in Lethbridge. There are ALOT of stats available, most of which are super interesting to a real estate nerd like myself, but for the person that isn’t immersed in the industry they can be boring. So I have compiled some of the stats that I think most people will find fairly interesting.

It’s a numbers game.

Naturally, the first stat that would seem important is the total amount of listings; 5003.  We had a tidy 2561 of those sell. People are usually curious how these numbers relate to the years past as it is a solid indicator as to where our economy is trending. The total number of listings we saw in 2019 was a slight decrease from what we saw in 2018 (by only 4.12%) but what was encouraging to see was the increase we saw in total sold. Total amount of sold listings increased in 2019 by 0.59%. At first glance this number doesn’t jump off the page but when you think about the fewer total listings we had this year it is better than it seems.

It’s looking up.

Probably the most promising stat is the total sales volume we saw in 2019, a whopping $735,715,145. This number represents a 6.21% increase over 2018’s volume. That’s an encouraging number for Lethbridge-ites.

The numbers speak for themselves.

To get a better idea on what these numbers mean we can compare them to Alberta’s largest metro; Calgary. In Calgary there were 20,938 sales, which was a 2% increase over their 2018 numbers. On the other hand their average sale price in 2019 of 458,278 was a -4.14% from 2018. Basically the opposite of Lethbridge. There is reason for optimism in the Lethbridge market!

Let’s keep it simple.

There are A LOT of stats and numbers available but sometimes its better to stick to the basics. If you have questions or are interested in real estate stats and forecasts I’d love to talk your ear off.  But for the purpose of this blog I think I covered it pretty well.

**Stats provided by LDAR, CREB and CREA**

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