One of my favorite parts about working in real estate is getting to look at so many different houses. It’s given me a modest obsession over the design and creation of these buildings. It may be cheesy but I look at these buildings as art. As my fascination with design has developed, I have come to have a few personal favorite ‘artists.’ I thought it would be interesting to share a little about these architects and their work. To preface my list, these are all internationally acclaimed architects. There are many great creations in Lethbridge but for the purpose of this blog, I’m going to look at some internationally renowned architects.

  • Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959)

Perhaps one of the most well known on this list, Frank Lloyd Wright was an american architect among other things. He was one of the pioneers of a concept he called organic architecture, where his designs and structures worked with nature, instead of replacing nature. This concept is one of the reasons I have him on my list, and is something I hope becomes more prevalent. Wright also has a pretty interesting biography that’s worth a read online, but I won’t get into that. He left behind a huge legacy including a school of architecture called Taliesin.



  • Frank Gehry (1929-Present)

Frank Gehry is another house hold name on this list and he was born in Canada none the less! Gehry is considered a disruptor in the space, he never followed the molds of the industry and that is why he is one of my favorites. Not only do I appreciate his work, but he inspires me on a personal and a business level as well. One of his most famous works is the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA.



  • Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969)

van der Rohe was considered to be one of the pioneers of modern architecture and was also a pioneer of minimalist design. One of his most famous quotes that is still often used to this day is, “less is more.” He is on my list of favorite’s because of the way he approached his projects; minimalism and functionality. I find myself personally drawn to this when it comes to my own tastes in design.



There A LOT more talented architects that I would love to share but I’m trying to keep these blogs short and sweet. If anybody has an thoughts or comments I’d love to hear them. Or if you have some favorite designers or building’s Id also love to hear about it.

“architecture is a visual art and the buildings speak for themselves.”

-Julia Morgan-